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Idea Board for my idea for a 13th Age campaign. 

Game Theme: Warehouse 13/The Liberians style

Story: In the Midland Sea lies the island of Oman. Oman is a massive collection of living dungeons, each one built on top of another dungeon, pushing towards the surface until they break free or die. To keep the Living Dungeons from growing too much, the Icons came together to create the Sentinels, a group of people hand picked by the Icons to protect the Dragon Empire by defeating as many living dungeons as they could in Oman. 

When a new group of Sentinels dive deeper into the maze of dungeons than anyone else has before, they discover the source of the dungeons, a vault. Upon opening the door, however, they are killed by a mysterious blast, which destroys the island. 

The vault in Oman was the Vault of Time, a magical prison of legend that kept the most dangerous items, creatures, and people and by doing so, removed them from history, leaving no memory or trace of their existance.

Home Page

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